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Thursdays 3:30-4:15pm

About the Course

Ballet technique will be gently introduced through exercises, dance games and student leadership opportunities as we continue to foster a love of dance. Dancers will learn new movement patterns, explore qualities of nonverbal expression, and organize movement into an aesthetic experience. We will continue using imagery and props to broaden and develop students’ artistry. Throughout the year students will learn and practice the Royal Academy of Ballet technique at the preprimary level. Classes will explore and expand movement possibilities and skills.

Your Instructor

Evelyn Warren

Evelyn Warren

Evelyn Warren is from Huntsville, Alabama. She is a sophomore at Washington and Lee University, and has loved getting to live in Lexington for these past two years. Warren was a ballet dancer in the Huntsville Ballet Company for 6 years. ” I was fortunate to perform and dance alongside professional ballet dancers everyday. I’ve loved the transition to teaching ballet.” Evelyn teaches ballet classes for all ages at Halestone. “I focus on instilling classical ballet technique but through a fun, encouraging atmosphere. I hope every student can develop a love of dance and ballet.”

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