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Parent Recital Info - Spring 2024


  • Tickets can be purchased here, at Halestone Studio, at spacing/dress rehearsal, or at the door of the performance.

  • Please invite your friends, family and everyone else to come see the show! Full houses help support our non- profit organization by helping cover the cost of renting Lenfest Center and give students the experience of dancing for a full house.

  • As part of your dancer’s recital fee, dancers do not need to purchase a ticket. Any other guests attending the show will need a ticket.

  • Presale: $15 for Adults, $13 for Children under 16, Children under 3 free (but they still need a physical ticket)

  • At the door: $16 for Adults, $14 for Children under 16, Children under 3 free (but they still need a physical ticket)

  • Separate tickets are needed for each performance. Every person in the theater needs a ticket.

Basic Info

Show name: Where The Light Gets In
Location: Lenfest Center for the Arts - Washington & Lee University, 100 Glasgow St, Lexington, VA 24450
Performance Dates and Times:
Saturday, April 20th at 7:00pm
Sunday, April 21st at 2:00pm
See detailed Call/drop off times on the rehearsal schedule below

Important Details

  • Classes on Monday and Tuesday (4/15 & 4/16) are as usual at the studio.

  • Classes on Wednesday and Thursday (4/17 & 4/18) the week of the recital will not happen as regularly scheduled at the studio due to rehearsals being held at Lenfest. Please see the attached schedule for details about when your dancer needs to arrive at Lenfest.

  • Attendance for spacing and dress rehearsal is mandatory. Once we are in Lenfest, if any student is absent from their scheduled rehearsal they will not be able to perform with us at Lenfest for safety reasons. 

  • Spectators are not allowed at rehearsals, but parents are expected to walk their dancers into the Lenfest Center and make sure they have checked in and met up with their class.

  • Dancers should sign in at the production manager's desk (Higgins Stewart) at their appointed call time. The manager’s desk will be located inside the theatre for spacing rehearsals and downstairs near the backstage doors for dress rehearsal and performances. 

  • Dancers should be picked up promptly after their rehearsal is over.

  • The rehearsal and performance days can be long, please make sure to provide your dancer with a few snacks and plenty of water. Remember that no food is permitted in the theatre, just water in bottles with a lid, and no running in the theatre. We also must wear shoes when we are anywhere in the Lenfest Center except for onstage. Shoes that can slip on and slip off easily are preferable.  

  • During the performance, once your dancer has finished performing ALL THEIR PIECES, then they will be allowed to enter the audience and watch the rest of the performance. If dancers are only in the 2nd half of the show they can watch the first half and then transition to the dressing rooms at intermission.

  • On performance days, dancers will sign in at the green room (downstairs near Johnson Theatre and backstage door). One adult is allowed to go downstairs to the dressing rooms to make sure that your dancer is settled in and where they need to be. 

  • As a reminder, flash photography and video are prohibited. Halestone will take photos and video that we will make available to you after the performances.

  • Younger students or students in one class should arrive in costume, with hair and make up already complete for dress rehearsal and performances.

  • As we get back to the stage, please have a conversation about respect and focus with your dancer so that we can have smooth rehearsals and performances!

  • Once we are in Lenfest, any questions about check-in, where to go, costumes, etc. should be directed to Higgins Stewart (Halestone board member and Production Manager). Email: Phone Number: 540-784-5812.


  • As a parent or family member of a Halestone dancer we need your support to put on our annual productions! If every dancer has someone volunteering backstage during one of the shows, then each and everyone of you could watch the show as an audience member. If we do not have enough volunteers then one or two families might have to sacrifice seeing the show as an audience member to help us. Please help Halestone put this production on and sign up to volunteer today

  • Backstage parent helpers:

    • We need parents of our youngest students to volunteer backstage. Backstage parents keep the members of the class together and orderly in the dressing rooms, green room and backstage. Watching your dancer from backstage is a really fun experience! The classes this applies to are Creative Movement (Wednesdays 3:45-4:30), Beginning Clogging (Mondays 3:30-4:30), Junior Company (Wednesdays 4:30-5:30), Pre-Ballet (Thursdays 3:45-4:30), Open Studio (Tuesdays 3:45-4:45) and Hip Hop (Tuesdays 5-6). 

  • Backstage Quick Change Helpers:

    • We need volunteers who can help any dancers that may have a quick change backstage between dances. A quick change typically means a dancer does not have enough time to get back down to their dressing room to change and have to do so in a covered space backstage. When not helping with a quick change, these volunteers will be an extra set of eyes on any dancers that are backstage or coming up or down the stairs.

  • Thank you!!! We cannot produce a successful show without your help!

Costumes, Hair, and Makeup

  • Costumes:

    • Your dancer will receive their costume the week before spacing rehearsals start, if they are present in class. During dress rehearsal and before you perform, please be careful with your costume. DO NOT wear or play in costume before the rehearsals or shows and DO NOT eat in costume. After Sunday’s show, they are yours to do whatever you want with them!

  • Hair:

    • Unless specific for your class, please have hair secured up and out of the face. Long hair should be secured up. Specific hair requirements will be with costume information if desired by the teacher.

  • Makeup:

    • We all need a little makeup on stage so our faces don’t get washed out by the bright stage lights. Please have makeup on before the dancer's call time on dress rehearsal and performance days. Basic stage makeup includes: a bright, but neutral eye shadow, eyeliner/mascara, a bright pink blush, and red lipstick. None of these items have to be expensive! If you have any questions about stage makeup, ask your dancer’s teacher, Kaitlin, or reference the bulletin board in the studio lobby.



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